The Support Around Me

Well, we are back. It feels amazing for my business to be in the social universe again. We tried to leave. I got rid of everything. I was completely at peace with it. It was the love and support from all around me, that felt I was giving up on my vision. I explained to them I wasn’t. I still was making fashion art, fashion and furniture. The business was still here, but not on line. It’s uncomfortable to be online competing for peoples attention all the time. I just wanted to create art and sell to those who love the meaning behind Mysteriously Jointed. I was so happy and content with that. Little did I know that was not meant to be. When I closed the online experience of the company, people expressed their sadness and love for Mysteriously Jointed. They told me how much they believed in us.. The purpose of company and its mission is still spreading the love. Turing off the social net working means your turning off the social light of love. With all of your love, time, and effort, we are back. I thank you from all of us. You never game up on the dream. Thank You for showing me the vision is bigger than me, money or the business. I deeply appreciate. See you soon.


Owner of Mysteriously Jointed